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    Your money has a purpose in your life, and your life will unfold alongside that purpose.

    Our mission is to work with you as you plan the life you want with the money we can help you have.

    We will ensure that you enjoy the pleasure that comes from a well-travelled journey with a life-first adviser.

    Financial planning stages

    Financial planning is similar to building a home.

    You are the architects of your dream home and you need to consider financial planning in four distinct stages: wealth protection, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution. 

    Wealth protection

    If financial planning is similar to building a dream home, then wealth protection can be considered the foundation of the home. A sound financial plan that is designed to build and preserve wealth is not as valuable if it does not provide financial protection in the event that your income ceases. Protecting your current and future earnings from the effects of a long-term illness, disability or even death must be considered in equal measure with wealth accumulation.

    Wealth accumulation

    The process of building your dream home is exciting and empowering, but the focus then shifts towards saving money and building wealth. Investing that is done correctly is both an art and a science. It is an art because people are emotional beings, and our decisions are affected by our values, past experiences, greed and fears. Investing is also a science, as it involves money making that requires strategies and formulas. A person must balance both art and science to become a successful investor.

    Wealth preservation

    After your dream home has been built, maintenance becomes the key to preserving and increasing its value. People approaching retirement should consider methods for preserving their wealth through effective planning. The wealth preservation stage involves taking time to evaluate the investments that provide you with ongoing, stable income streams at retirement, as well as those that minimise the effects of the volatile market, so that you can ensure that your money lasts.

    Wealth distribution

    You have worked diligently to build your dream home, and now it is time to create an effective wealth distribution strategy for passing your nest egg to your heirs. Estate planning addresses how income or wealth will be distributed to your heir to ensure that you and your family can maintain the lifestyle that you have worked so hard to establish.

    Our fees

    It’s important to always know what you’re paying for. That’s why we operate on a ‘fee for advice’ basis, and you’ll receive our fee structure during your first appointment.  

    Before we begin preparing your financial plan, we’ll agree on a cost for the strategy work involved in developing it and the implementation of those strategies. All fees and any commissions will be fully disclosed in your financial plan. 

    Ongoing support

    Financial plans alone benefit no one, unless they are implemented. The only barrier between you and the life that you are capable of living may be a lack of consistent action directed towards your goals. A great plan needs effective implementation with the help of an adviser. 

    In our Ongoing Service Program, you can always access the help and advice you need, your plan is regularly reviewed, and your financial goals remain on track.